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Trusting Survey Companies

There are quite a few survey companies that can earn you some extra income via PayPal, Amazon, gift cards, or other discounts on products and services. Many people take surveys to make some extra money on the side, money that adds up over time. Taking surveys with these companies won't make you rich but it is a great way to save up for some extra spending money during holidays or vacations.

Legitimate survey companies pay

Survey companies came into existence to meet a market demand for other companies who needed to do research, companies who are looking to ask their customers and their potential customers questions about their product and/or services. Often these companies, for example Wal-mart, need to ask questions of potential customers, and they don't have a way to reach these people. This is where survey companies come into play--Wal-mart can go to a survey panel business to find people who are willing to answer questions.

Survey companies take care of identifying individuals to fill out surveys, inviting them to participate, and screening for panelists who meet the specific requirements of the study. Not many people want to donate their time to answer surveys, so most legitimate survey companies pay panelists for every survey they complete. In return for finding the panelists, these survey companies keep a percentage of the payment for each survey completed.

Survey companies will ask you to confirm your email

Once you sign up to take surveys, you are generally required to confirm an email account. After confirming, you will be sent survey invitations or be notified in your account if these opportunities arise when logged in. Most survey invitations give an estimate on the number of minutes a survey will take and inform you how much you will be awarded. Be cautious if the survey company does not do these things.

There is no such thing as "limitless" number of surveys

Many people think that when you signup you will be able to fill out surveys as long as you want. Unfortunately, it does not work this way. Most survey companies limit you to a number of surveys you can take per day to help make sure studies achieve a random sample. When you sign up for a survey panel you may get a few invites per week.

If you wish to earn more cash on the side, signing up and taking surveys with more than one survey company may be a good tactic.

Where do surveys come from

Anyone can conduct a survey. Often surveys originate from places like Survey Monkey. Most of these surveys are conducted by larger retail companies who have a budget and willing to pay to try and understand their customers. The survey company where you are paid to do surveys is generally not the source of the surveys. The survey company where you take surveys is just a part of the larger survey industry.

Surveys require honest and thoughtful answers

Survey companies are being paid by other companies to find people who are honest and willing to take surveys. If they detect that you may not have been thoughtful in your responses or that you may have been getting paid on duplicate accounts in the same panel, they will cancel your account. If the companies that are paying them notice bad responses, it invalidates their research and makes the answers they are gathering worthless.

Legitimate survey companies do pay and provide good customer service

These are two signs you are working with the right people. A reputable survey company will want to make sure they have the best panelists and will go out of their way to keep these assets. They will make sure you are get paid as promptly as possible and that you are provided with good customer service.

Sign up, take surveys, and get paid!

It's free, it's easy, it's rewarding! You really do make money taking surveys. There are lots of companies that pay, and you can earn quite a bit over time. Here is a list of survey companies you may want to consider joining.

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