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There are many survey companies to choose that will make you money. Below are some survey companies that also offer money making opportunities.

MyView Survey

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MyView is managed by Authentic Response and has been existing since 1998. They are affiliated with BBB and a grantee of TrustE certification. MyView Survey offers a variety of surveys on a wide-range of interesting topics. Their website is user-friendly, they offer good rewards and we heard they pay really quickly. My View Survey also offers an excellent customer service team you can count on with your questions and concerns.

My Survey

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My Survey has helped huge companies all over the globe improve their products. They claim to be the largest consumer panel and the leading provider of marketing information to major multinational corporations. They host well-designed surveys, sends great test products and provide more payment modes than other survey companies. My Survey also has a mobile application, making it easier and for people on the go to take and complete surveys.


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Crowdology values consumer opinions like no other. They are managed by market research experts who share the passion to influence product and service innovations of major consumer brands. They offer fun and interesting surveys and higher qualification rates. Crowdology pays in a currency via PayPal, making it very easy to collect payment and cash-out.


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TellWut surveys and polls are mostly about you and what you would most likely do in some situations. Aside from giving good rewards for completing these exciting surveys, they also pay panelists for creating and posting their polls. TellWut won’t email you invites for surveys, you just need to go login to your account to take the surveys. Their surveys are usually shorter and they offer a variety of Gift Cards through which you can collect payment.

Brand Institute

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Because Brand Institute partners with leading international companies who go to them for brand consultancy, they have all the many different surveys you would want to be a part of. Signing up is free and payment is automatic. They don’t have a minimum payout requirement and you can choose to get paid between checks and PayPal.

Global Test Market

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Global Test Market also offers a variety of surveys for rewards. They have been around since 1999 and continue to service top companies through their panel. To qualify for their surveys, you will need to answer their pre-screeners; this helps them profile you for surveys. They have a good refer-a-friend program and they send you your pay through checks

NPC Online

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Survey participation with NCP Online is different. With them, you don’t answer online surveys; you scan your purchases and send them the data once a week. Every time you send data of the items you’ve shopped in a particular week, you are awarded with points which you can use to redeem interesting gifts and products.

Ipsos i-Say

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Ipsos i-Say is the one of the oldest survey company in the business. It has been awarding survey takers amazing prizes for the last 39 years. Because of its strong ties with a lot of big industries, it doesn’t and will never run out of interesting surveys for you to take. They are affiliated with ESOMAR, CASRO and the BBB.

Survey Spot

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SurveySpot is another old-timer. It has plenty of exciting surveys with excellent reward options. It has been operating since 1977 and now has many offices across the globe. Because of its tenure in the industry, it is guaranteed legitimate and trustworthy. It also offers outstanding customer service support teams ready to assist you anytime of the day.

Opinion Outpost

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Still is one of the best managed panels around. It is very legitimate, it offers a variety of good survey opportunities, it pays well and quickly, and it provides excellent customer service 24/7. It also guarantees higher qualification rates and more convenient payment options.

Valued Opinions

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Valued Opinions surveys are fun, interesting and interactive. It is a conglomerate of Research Now, a world-leader in market research which has been delivering quality data and quality panel for over a decade. Valued Opinions reward you in currency which you can use to redeem gift cards from top brands such as Macy’s,, iTunes, SpaWeek and so much more. They also give out up to $2 for referring friends.

Darwin's Data

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Darwins Data pays $10 sign-up bonus and up $25 for every survey you complete. Each survey will make you answer questions about a video of a legal dispute. Panel member feedback on surveys and rewards are generally positive. However, Darwin’s Data is open ONLY to US residents ages 18 above. You will also need to request for an invite to be a member.


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SurveySavvy is one of the legitimate survey companies that make you take surveys for rewards. They pay cash and allow you to request for a check if you have accumulated over $1. Although SurveySavvy is open to countries other than the US, it will pay in US dollars. It generally takes 4-6 weeks to receive payment, however if you install their SurveySavvy Connect, a platform that allows you to participate in surveys by surfing the internet, your payout process is cut-short to just one week.

American Consumer Panel

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Online survey taking with American Consumer Panel is quick and easy. They offer short surveys that are worth 100 to 5, 000 points, they reward you 5 to 50 points for completing screeners and they send great products to test. Although its surveys and rewards program is good, there have been recent complaints about slow processing of their payment. However, Even with this issue, ACOP is still regarded as one of the most trusted survey panels which is open to everyone ages 14+.


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MyPoints is an online rewards program that allows you to earn points for shopping at their major retailers through their website. You can also earn points by taking surveys or playing games through their websites. MyPoints continue to expand their network, which means you will surely be getting more and more opportunities to earn points. Your points are redeemable for gift cards, miles or cash back. Recently, there had been some complaints from members getting more Spam than points, however more members seem to rely on its stability and integrity.

MindField Online

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These guys used to do their surveys door-to-door, now they are one of the biggest panels who gives you the opportunity to earn for taking their online surveys. Mindfield is owned and operated by McMillon research, and has been around for over 30 years. It pays in cash and entries for amazing cash draws however some members have recently reported about issues on rewards not posted promptly.

Harris Poll Online

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Harris Poll Online is one of the most trusted market research firm. They have been around since 1963 and have established affiliations with the biggest market research organizations such as CASRO, ESOMAR and AMA. The are 100 percent legitimate and they offer amazing rewards for your participations. There have been reports of frozen or disabled accounts and points forfeited due to data issues.

VIP Voice

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VIP Voice, used to be NPD Online is known for rewarding members with the chance to participate in auctions for exciting rewards such as vacation, electronics and gift cards. They have been around since 1967 and takes pride of conducting over 12 million surveys each year. VIP Voice specializes in consumer behavior across different groups.

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