Creative Ways to Make Money Online

creative ways to make money online

Ever searched for a place to earn some extra money online? Thanks to the online marketplace, all you need is a little creativity, motivation, patience, and an internet connection to generate money from home. Here are some opportunities that are interesting:

Sell your own designing brand

If you have the creative flair to design amazing products, why keep your designs in your private files? You can upload your designs to websites, who will then print and distribute it to customers. Your ingenuity and sense of style becomes available to anyone who chooses! Sites such as Café Press cater to design manufacturing businesses.

Upload and share videos

Upload videos to,, or If you know how to create unique and impressive videos, you can leverage that skill into cash. One amazing way to earn money is by creating how-to videos for others. Frequently people visit video sites to learn how to do tasks such as home-improvement projects or fixes, removing a virus from a computer, or learning complicated instructions for how to play a game. If you have an interest in some topic or have information that you can share, you can earn money, even with only a few hundred views a month. These sites host the videos and share revenue with you for showing advertisements.

Freelance your skills

A freelancer is a person who works with several companies, websites, or other organizations, only minus the long-term contracts. This kind of set-up lets you control your own schedule and work from whatever location you prefer. Compared to actual office jobs, freelancing is convenient and comes with tax benefits.

How to start?
First, you need to decide what type of job you want; depending on your skills and capabilities. Once you've selected what you'll do, decide whether you want to work full-time or part-time. It is also important to determine how much time you would be able to spend working on a job each day.

Where to go?
Choose websites that are best for freelancers. Various websites are a waste of time, so be careful to stay away from them! Read reviews and ask your friends. When you find a legitimate freelance site, sign up and start learning their process. Jobs will usually start by bidding on a project that suits your ability, skills and pay. Be sure that you are signed up to gain money for your work via a verified payment system.

Start with sites like or Do a search for freelance jobs:

Write an article or blog post

If you have an interest on any topic, start a blog at a site like Start writing and people may have an interest in your work. Bloggers earn quite a bit of money for reviewing products or promoting sites. If you are not a skilled writer, but are an expert in a certain field, it might be beneficial to publish your work and let people read it. Once you have content and a following, you can start making money with advertising banners and by promoting products and services that will be rewarding for your followers.

Self-publish E-books

Online publishing is much more convenient than trying to find a company to contract with in print publishing. There is no need for investment and there is no cost for printing and shipping. Self-publish your e-books online through sites like, or Barnes & Noble, and you can earn up to 70% commissions for every e-book sold. You may not be Earnest Hemmingway, but your writing could reach others if you have knowledge about certain topics that they may be interested in or a short story to tell. If you gain enough of a following, self publishing could earn you some extra revenue.

Promote products or become an affiliate

Affiliate marketing is an online business model where commissions are earned by referring products/services of merchants to customers. You need to have your own website to promote products. They will give you a referral link through which you can track the number of customers who visit their website and customers who actually buy their products through your referral. Businesses will pay you to refer new customers. For example, you could join this site iGlobal Surveys as an affiliate, and you can receive payment for sharing articles such as these articles on your site in order to become an affiliate who makes money when people click and join through your shared link.

Teach English (or other language)

There are various websites out there looking for people to help teach languages. English speakers are in high demand in Asia and most non-English speaking countries. Freelance English teachers can offer lessons online for a particular price. You would need high-speed internet and Skype or any video chat platforms to connect with students. More than anything, you need great deal of patience and a love for teaching.

Turn arts and crafts into cash

Homemade baskets, custom-made greeting cards, and wedding gifts sell online to the right audience. If you have a craft skill and can build an inventory, you can post photos of your products on a marketplace website. You may be surprised to have orders coming in when you put your products online for sale. Once your brand establishes its popularity, orders will continue to grow, and your hobby might just turn into the business that could change your life. Use sites such as to begin selling your items. Every site has started with an idea similar to yours. You can start your dream today!

Sell digital pictures

Love taking pictures? You might be able to sell your stock photos online. Websites or photo agencies such as Fotolia, Shutterstock, iStockphotos, and Dreamtime offer great incentives for photos. However, since almost everyone has access to quality camera and the internet, competition may may be challenging. Websites may also turn down submitted photos if they are not high quality. If you are a determined photographer and you take pictures for the sake and love of art, keep trying and you might be lucky and sell some of your images.

Take online surveys

There are various survey websites that compete and will pay for your opinion. Your opinion counts in businesses, politics, and even in medicine and healthcare, market research firms have built online platforms to collect your opinions online. To attract survey participants, they offer acceptable incentives for every survey completed.

Some surveys will ask you to answer questionnaires online while others will invite you to focus groups. If you are lucky, you may be selected to participate in product testings. Not only will you test products before it goes out to the general market, you may also be able to keep it as part of your payment. Online survey review sites such as can help you find legitimate survey sites. Share your opinions and help a difference for others while earning a little on the side.

Rewards for purchasing online

There are rewards program websites such as that offers points for every purchase at their retail network through their website. Not only can you save on gasoline, you also are sparing yourself several trips to boutiques and malls, which can be a hassle. The points you earn through your purchases may be redeemable for cash, gift cards, or other exciting products. If you will already be purchasing the items, it just makes sense to also earn some cash back.

There are countless more ways to generate extra income online. If you haven't already tried any of these yet, you may be missing out on extra money and fun. Search now and find your passion and some extra spending money for the holidays or vacations. You might find a new, fulfilling career!

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