How to Effectively Communicate with Customer Service

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how to communicate effectively

Often with a customer service request, the person helping you on the other end does not completely understand your circumstance and the problems you are encountering. We are going to give you a peek behind a typical survey company customer service desk so that you can understand what they need to effectively assist you.

Too many emails and phone calls

A customer service representative starts the days with too many emails or phone calls coming in, some of which have been received the day before and need to be resolved first. Because all these issues have to be quickly resolved, not all concerns may be addressed with the best solution. Here’s what you can do to help someone address your concern the best way possible:

Choose the appropriate method of contact. Choose between the methods that work best, like phone or email, but do not do both. If the matter is urgent, get on the phone; if it can wait a day, send an email.

Be patient. If you leave a voicemail or send an email, it may take a few days for a customer service representative to get back to you. Questions are generally answered in the order they are received. Don’t call five times and send ten emails; this is hard on customer service reps because it causes extra work and slows the whole process down. Your emails will get answered, but it may just take time. A general amount of time you should wait to get a response is three to five days, depending on the company and the issue at hand. In many cases, most responses will be made within 24 hours.

Incomplete or no information at all

Any problem solver needs pieces of a puzzle to construct a good solution. Although information about your account is in the database, the customer service rep needs to know every detail about your concern. When calling or sending an email, make sure all of the key points are mentioned or listed. Begin by mentioning the time the problem occurred, and include a complete explanation of your concern.

If you encountered a technical problem while a transaction is made through a website, sending screenshots of error messages can help a customer service representative really see tiny bits of information you wouldn’t know could be useful. Adding the URL to the website where you had encountered the problem will help them see the web page live, and this could help them trace the specific problem you encountered.

When working with customer service reps, make sure you provide details that will help them figure out your problems faster without them having to email you and ask more details about your situation.

Improper language and threats

A typical customer support agent often encounters rude language, and it can wear on them when they encounter it throughout the day. Remember they are not the cause of the problem and that they are trying to help you. Treating the people who are trying to help poorly will most likely get you lower quality help. A negative phone call or email just adds in emotional distraction that can get in the way of a person’s job. When you call, be polite. Know that the person on the other line is trained, and committed to help you, and that is exactly what they will do--help you and solve your problem.

Very long emails and phone calls

Be concise. In writing an email, avoid writing a four-page email unless there is a very clear reason. Customer support reps are busy trying to take all the calls and answer many emails in an hour, and a long email may get shuffled to the bottom of the pile because of the amount of time it would take to read it.

Avoid multiple issues in one email

Long, bloated emails with multiple questions tend to not get answers to all the little details. These types of emails may get a response with some of the answers you want, but often a few of the minor issues might get overlooked.

Treat them as you would treat yourself

The best way to communicate is to understand that the person on the other end is also a person and deserves to be treated with respect. Customer service representatives have difficult jobs, and anything you can do to help state your issue clearly and kindly is helpful--a little goes a long way. When communication is complete, it is clear and becomes effective for solving all problems.

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